10/13/2018 Dc Homeless Outreach

CONTACT LEADER LOCATION 912 17th St NW Washington, District of Columbia 20006 DESCRIPTION

We meet Saturday at the Alexandria Campus to load the trailer.We usually leave around 9am and shuttle into DC on one of the Metro Church Vans. Our service takes place in Farragut Park in DC. Parking at the park is difficult so we drive a shuttle down. Saturday Service is basically a mobile church. We take everything with us in a trailer, so once we arrive at the park there are lots of ways to serve. You can: go with teams to the other nearby parks to let the homeless know we are having our service, help set up the donation/food areas and chairs for the service, talk with the homeless in the park. We are pretty laid back and happy to let everyone serve in the way they want. So try setting up one place and serve another, whatever you want! If we see some area that needs additional folks, we won't hesitate to ask. Tips: 1. Don't bring or hand out cash. We don't usually get asked, but the easiest way to say no is to not have it in the first place. Ladies-if you bring a purse, we suggest it's either easily wearable (cross-body) or you can leave it in the shuttle. The shuttles will be locked and secure. 2. Talk to the homeless like you would talk to one of your friends. The one thing we hear most is that these folks feel ignored or invisible. Our role is to utilize the hot breakfast and free clothing as tools to share our faith. God is good and He is walking with them even now. 3. Children-we often get asked if this service is kid appropriate. YES! We have lots of kids who have served with their parents over the years. Including a full girl scout troop which earned a badge. 4. Many of the homeless who come to our service have been coming for years. They are like family, so don't be surprised if you see some volunteers shaking hands or giving hugs. But, please know that this is unique and not all homeless want to have physical contact with strangers. You can always offer to shake hands, but don't be offended if the offer is refused. 5. Check the weather forecast. We have a couple of tents, but those are to cover the food and chairs. Dress for the elements and wear comfortable shoes. This is a park with grass and even if it hasn't rained sometimes they have watered and it can be muddy. 6. PRAY-ask God to make us his hands and feet on Saturday. 7. HAVE FUN! Every month we leave feeling more blessed. And we can't wait to share this experience with you.

All ages
TIME Start: 10/13/2018 8:30am  End: 10/13/2018 1:00pm CATEGORY Outdoor SKILLS NEEDED Not Specified SUPPLIES NEEDED Not Specified TOOLS NEEDED Not Specified 25 PEOPLE NEEDED